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Introduction to Yoga Series

$80Purchase required to enroll
The physical practice of yoga provides us methods on how to breathe, stand, sit, and move for an optimal shift towards living in the present moment. Individuals expand awareness by exploring the body through intentional action as a way to calm the mind. Side effects include building physical and mental strength, endurance and discipline, increasing circulation, respiratory capacity, and stabilization, calming tension, easing pain and finding balance. Understanding of self, feelings of bliss, acceptance, and love may also occur. Yoga is not magic, it's a practice, and you have to do the work. Our 4-Part Introduction to Yoga Series will prepare you to take classes on the UP yoga schedule with confidence. Each week will progress your understanding and build your bank of knowledge about the body, the breath, common yoga postures, and the language of yoga instruction.
Cancellation policy If you want a refund, please cancel 72 hours before the series begins.
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