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Climb the Classics 2019 | Nelson Rocks Climbing Event

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Climb the Classics

Nelson Rock Climbing Event

Closed to the public for years, Nelson Rocks West Virginia is a unique place. Long airy routes that have magnificent view and fresh moves for you to conquer. The 007 Wall, Area 51 and Crescendo Wall are classic climbing areas at Nelson Rocks. We will provide top rope climbs on many of the classic during the big Cinco de Mayo celebration at Seneca Rocks this May 4th.


Join UP Adventure and Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides as we hang top ropes on 10 of the classic rock climbs at Nelson Rocks. We will provide gear if needed to new climbers. These are amazing climbs that are not open to the public.


One of the best places in the Panhandle area for all around climbing, Nelson offers climbing in both Sport and Traditional styling, as well as a few boulders if you can get your eyes off the two fins that surround you as you walk the corridor trail. The rock is the same Tuscarora Quartzite as Seneca and Champe Rocks located to the north.

Getting There

Easiest way for most is by Taking Rt. 33 like you would going to Seneca, then past Judy Gap, take a left onto Rt. 28, drive <1/2 mile and you'll see a Yellow house on the left, along with a sign for the Via Ferrata and the North Fork Canopy Tour. Turn left there onto Nelson Gap Road and follow that road about 150 yards to the Nelson Rock Outdoor Center Welcome center, it is currently under construction but should be completed soon.


What is top rope climbing?

Top roping is a style of climbing where the climber is protected from falling by having a rope attached to their harness that is also connected to an anchor system above them and then “belayed” by someone standing on the ground. As the climber climbs, the person belaying minimizes the slack in the belay system so that a fall by a climber is very minimal. The climber usually climbs to their anchor system, and then gets lowered down to the ground. Top roping is one of the more popular styles in most gyms across the US. It is very beginner friendly, but is also enjoyed by climbers with years of experience.

What can I expect from a day on the rocks?

Our top rope instructors attempt to do two things; teach relevant rock climbing skills, and maximize rock climbing time. If you’re more interested in learning, or more interested in maximizing trips up and down the rock face, just let your instructor know, and they will cater to your needs.

Is top rope climbing safe?

While top rope climbing shares many dangers that are inherent in outdoor activities, when set up correctly the belay system used in top rope climbing minimizes the length of a fall. The belay system ensures that when a climber lets go of the rock face, they are suspended in the air until they can regain contact with the rock face or be lowered to the ground by their belayer. To minimize risk, all instructors at NROCKS Outdoor Adventures are trained with the highest regard to safety, and certified in CPR and first aid.

Climbing Guides provided by Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides. We will spend 8 hours rock climbing so please bring snacks and water for the day.
Cancellation policy Please cancel 72 hours before the event if you are requesting a refund.
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