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Aerial Myofascial Workshop

$45Purchase required to enroll
These classes are designed to make the principles of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release accessible and affordable to the public. Your body stores stress in your fascial system and that stress leads to chronic pain and holding patterns that change your posture over time. These classes will help to bring awareness to your unique fascial strain patterns by teaching you to develop your felt sense. You can release these restrictions through gentle positions and stretches that will be facilitated by an expert level myofascial release occupational therapist through the use of specific self-treatment tools including the aerial yoga hammocks. The knowledge gained in these classes can give you the tools you need to develop an effective self-treatment practice for managing your own symptoms of pain and tension.

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are not a replacement for Myofascial Release treatment. If you re experiencing severe pain symptoms, I strongly recommend that you seek out a trained John Barnes Myofascial Release practitioner prior to beginning a self-treatment program.
Cancellation policy You must cancel 24 hours prior to the workshop to receive a refund.