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Yin + Acupuncture: Rise Into Spring

$45 per classPurchase required to enroll

RISE into SPRING! Join Mary Ragland and Meg Casey, L.Ac for a unique mini-retreat aimed at helping us tap into the creative rising energy of Spring. This is a time of hope, visioning, possibility, launching new ideas, and change. While all of this sounds wonderful, the transition to Spring is not always easy, especially if we have not had enough rest in the Winter. We can feel cranky, stagnant, stir crazy, or simply just too tired! This mini-retreat is aimed at helping you find the resources you need to rise and align with spring's creative energy by tapping into the wisdom of yoga and Chinese medicine. Though movement, discussion, breath work and meditation we will explore our the springtime energies, spark our creativity, and learn how to support our bodies during this season of transition and change. We will conclude with an auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment aimed at helping us detox, destress, and feel rejuvenated. Come join us for this unique way to launch into springtime!